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If you’re reading this, I miss you.

I have been on the road for almost a month now. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been away from home, my friends, my family, my rave fam, and my car for so long. While I am enjoying the current chapter of my life, I am a tad homesick. However, 2014 has been bitchin’ so far. Since I’ve been slackin’, let us rewind. New Year’s Eve was a riot. We spent the end of 2013 in Dayton, Ohio. Because there wasn’t a damn thing going on there other than an overpriced party at our hotel (265 bucks is HELLA reasonable), some of the boys and I made our own turn up. First, we smashed burgers from Five Guys. People talk about that place all the time and…damn. Best burger I’ve had this trip. Trust me I’m a fat kid, I know these things. Then because it was the end of a year and the start of another, I thought it would be a great idea to drink as much as humanly possible.

Don’t know where this came from…

Turns out I was right because I didn’t wake up alone! I woke up next to a lovely trail of vomit spewing from my side of the bed across the other and down onto the carpet. I’m glad Five Guys and Three Olives came back up to hang out with me some more. #winning #beardpuke #brokenglass #bloodysheets #thatpoormaid

The punk ass Polar Vortex has officially passed. My beard and I are just fine, thank you. But seriously what the fuh mother nature? It was -30 degrees in Peoria, IL. NEGATIVE THIRTY DEGREES. My homeboy MJ and I walked to a gas station and nearly caught frostbite on our hands and toes. I miss the perpetual 70 degree weather of sunny So Cal.

My view during the Polar Vortex

The last couple weeks have flown by. It’s hard to stay connected when we are only staying in hotels for one night and then leaving the next day. We’ve been to cities large and small in the Midwest and the South. Some places don’t believe in cabs. Convenient. Some don’t believe in internet or cell service. What’s up 1990? But, Nashville and Memphis were beautiful places.

Nashville, Tennessee

Oh I know you were wondering about it, the women out here are no joke. Let me just say there are a ton of kids at these games… and I’m no pedophile. I don’t even know what to do with myself. All these cougars calling me sir and saying “Thank yewwww” just makes me the happiest little boy. I think I might actually like the South.

One thing that a guy on the World All Stars (the Trotter's opponents) noticed is that no woman is safe when we come into town. It seems like every woman we come in contact with get's hit on. Waitresses, hostesses, front desk clerks, the chick in the elevator. Shoot, I can't blame anyone, it's pretty lonely on the road. Just a bunch of dudes hanging around each other all day and usually the most exciting thing we do is eat food or get drunk. One venue in Florence, Alabama was staffed by the college girls volleyball and soccer teams. I wonder whose bright idea that was?

Game Photos

Globies Crew: Ninja, Globie, Dark Knight

Dark Knight and Ninja

Hawk flyin' high. This guy is the man.

The MC of the show QTMC.

Hot Shot, masta dunka.


"Did I leave the coffee pot on?"

T-Time. This girl is awesome. Always has a smile on her face.

Hey I know that guy.

Things to Bitch about

Stank ass 200 mile bus rides after we eat dinner on the road. I gotta say sorry for what I did to the boys after we had chicken alfredo. I seriously thought I was going to melt the leather under my ass. I haven't eaten alfredo on the bus since then, and I've had many chances. #mybad
My eyeballs freezing solid when I go outside.
Hair stylists who don't do what I explicitly tell them to do and cutting my hair wrong.
Hotels that use 14 sheets instead of a comforter. I love waking up with the sheets strangling my extremities like they are trying to steal my innocence.
I'm seriously, there is no comforter, just a thousand sheets. Well done Marriott.

They sell "kandi" at Hot Topic now. BURN IN HELL HOT TOPIC.

Things I appreciate

Kindness of Southerners.
Doing my laundry.
People caring enough to remember my name.
Texts from friends and fam checking in on me.
Snapchats from my Asian grandpa Pop Pop Liem.
Taco Bell.
BONUS APPRECIATION for cheap drinks.

Random Facts for the day

You can't buy liquor in Ohio past 7pm.

The town of Carbondale is actually pronounced (Car-bahn-duh-lay) as our rando friend here on the left learnt us.

Wrappin it up (not in the fun way)

The tour is approaching the east coast soon where civilization starts to become a thing again. Hopefully there will be no more high school gyms, sucky internet, or early liquor store closures. I appreciate every snapchat, text, tag, Facebook post, and phone call from my friends and family back home. It keeps me grounded so I don't forget who I am and where I came from while I enjoy this crazy experience. I look forward to seeing my friends in cities such as Albany, Philly, and New York City very soon.

Now, it's off to Steak n' Shakes for a 5 dollar breakfast. Catch you on the flip side.

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Gettin' into the groove

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I've created this blog mainly to keep track of my sanity, but also to let people in on the craziness that is my life on tour with the Harlem Globetrotters. This blog will follow no specific format, but rather be an amalgamation of my thoughts, things that are going on, anecdotes, and the randomness that occurs everyday. This post will be a little longer than most because I am catching up on the days passed.

Where to begin...

The last few days have been a whirlwind. I arrived in Columbus, OH the day after Christmas. My flight arrived late in the night and I got to the first hotel around 10pm. Being on west coast time I wasn't tired, which was convenient because my manager Mack had a lot of information to pound into my brain before our first game. He's a cool dude, I lucked out in being paired with him this tour. We spent about 3 hours going over things before I hit the hay. I was so nervous with anticipation that I couldn't fall asleep and I only got about 4 hours before I woke up. It seems like I had only closed my eyes for a minute before my alarm went off and it was time to start the first day.

Our first two days of games were back to back double headers. Columbus was a fourteen hour day, Cincinnati another fourteen hour day. Honestly, I can barely remember Columbus already. The day went fast, I learned quick, things went fine, who cares.

12/27 we drove to Cincinnati. Beautiful city. The Globetrotters played at the USA Bank Arena right next to the stadium where the Reds play. Ohio State basketball is played here. I snapped a few pics with my shitty iPhone 3. I still hate it.



Check this out: they laid boards down over the ice that the hockey team plays on.

Cincy was another crazy long day. A piece of my zipper on my jeans fell into the urinal. That was cool because I really liked having to worry about my wiener falling out of my pants when I was kneeling down to take shots. But, I did meet some very cool people at the hotel bar because I was wearing my Ninja Turtle pj's. I'm gonna miss you Ms. Steiner.

Now cut to today, or yesterday, or earlier in this 24 hour period, whatever. Before heading to our next game, we briefly stopped at a mall where I was able to pick up some chinos and a couple chirts.

Also this:

The Trotters played in Cleveland at the Quicken Loans Arena where the Cavs play. This too was a very purdy city. Get used to me saying that. I've never been in any of the cities on this tour so I'm constantly like a toddler discovering chocolate milk for the first time.

More shitty iPhone pictures

Pretty sure they burn bodies here

View from the bus arriving in downtown Cleveland

Let first say that Quicken Loans Arena is a gay ass name for a place so fucking bitchin'. I say PSSH to blasting corporate sponsorship. I throw my jizz in the air. Get out your umbrella. Anyway... We only had one game today so it was my first time to really get a handle on taking pictures and getting used to how the show (game) is run. I was able to get some amazing shots today.

Peep dis:
(the following photos were taken by Jonny Knight, Brand Affinity Technologies)
Ninja of the Globies Crew

MJ of the Globies Crew. I think he knows magic. He is spinning on his head with no hands. The fuuuu? Get yoself a hat son before you spin all the hair off your head.

The Showman: Special K


Hot Shot

Special K funnin' with one of the Ref's Tim

Hot Shot doin' a lil jig. Seems legit.

Too Tall. It's a joke cuz the dude is like 5 feet nothin. HAHA GET IT, IT'S FUNNY.


After the game we drove to Toledo, ate kinda shitty burgers on the bus (but it's free food), and watched YouTube vids of Anderson Silva's broken leg during UFC 168. If you haven't seen it and feel like barfing, I suggest you watch it.

Today was a good day. I've started to make friends with some of the crew and people are starting to remember my name. Sweet. Tomorrow we have an early game at 2pm. That's nice because we'll be able to get some downtime tomorrow evening. It's 4am EST. My eyeballs hurt and I gotta go pee. Seems like a good time to call it quits.

Random thought for the day: All hotels should have free gummy bears at the front desk like the Courtyard Toledo Maumee has.

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Bon Voyage

Departing from Home

Heading out

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